This file lists freely redistributable information that isn't software. Here are a few groups providing various books, historical documents, and more. Please let: or The GNU Project Free Software Foundation 59 Temple Place - Suite 330 Boston, MA 02111-1307 know of additional entries or corrections. You can FTP a more complete list in file `/pub/non-gnu/FreelyAvailableTexts' from `'. * FreeLore A goal of the FreeLore Project is to do "serious" book-length writing, and give it away for free. John Goodwin is now concentrating on writing freelore and to show what it is by example (not unlike the FSF). You can FTP his results from `' in `/obi/Networking/John.Goodwin'. To volunteer, contact `'. * The Online Book Initiative (OBI) OBI focuses on freely redistributable books, reference material, conference proceedings, catalogues, etc. OBI has about 400MB of (mostly compressed) text online, ranging from poetry to standards documents to novels. You may anonymous FTP texts from `' in `/obi'. You can also dial `' with a modem (617-739-9753, 8N1) and create an account to access this information (login as `new'). Accounts on `world' are charged for their connect time (ask `' for details). * Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg is the brainchild of Michael Hart. Professor Hart's hope for success derives from the nature of what he calls `Replicator Technology'. Once anything is stored in a computer, it can be reproduced indefinitely, making it available to all who want it. Texts from Project Gutenberg are available at a number of FTP sites, including `' in file `/etext' and `' in file `/pub/almanac/etext'. To find out how to obtain text via e-mail, send the word `HELP' in the body of a message to `'. Or look at `bit.listserv.gutnberg', a USENET newsgroup. For more information, write to `'. * Project Runeberg Project Runeberg publishes works of literature and art that are machine-readable, such as electronic texts and images; in a Scandinavian language, including Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Faroese, or created by an artist from a Nordic country; and free for duplication and distribution by anyone and for any purpose. Project Runeberg was founded in March 1993, inspired by Project Gutenberg. Coordinated by Lars Aronsson, Project Runeberg is an activity of Lysator, a student computer club at Linkoping University in Linkoping, Sweden. FTP from host `' in `/pub/runeberg/README'. Gopher access via type 1 host `' path `/project-runeberg'. `//' is the URL on the World Wide Web. For more infomation or to join the mailing list, ask `'. Snailmail to: Lysator, Universitetet, S-581 83 Linkoping, Sweden. * Literary Works Available on the WWW The locations below are URLs (Universal Resource Locators) on the Internet's World Wide Web (WWW). This list was compiled by Michael Larsen. CopticNet has Coptic scriptural materials at `'. The Quartz archive has a few texts not available at other locations at `'. The Libellus Project has Latin texts are at `'. The Oxford Text Archive has a large collection at `'. The English Server at CMU has quite a few poems which are located at the URL `//'. The Sardinia Research Center has a few Italian classics, including La Divina Commedia at `//'. The Quartz text archive has a few texts not available elsewhere at location `'. The University of Toronto has some of James Joyce's work at `gopher://'. Wiretap is similar to Project Gutenberg in focus and scope and is it located at URL `'. Women's Studies at Maryland has some poems by women, especially Emily Dickinson, located at the URL `gopher://'.