Title: Aegis Description: Aegis is a transaction-based software configuration management system. It provides a framework within which a team of developers may work on many changes to a program concurrently, and Aegis coordinates integrating these changes back into the master source of the program, with as little disruption as possible. Aegis is a CASE tool with a difference. In the spirit of the UNIX Operating System, Aegis is a small component designed to work with other programs. Many CASE systems attempt to trap users with the components supplied by the CASE system, and if you don't like one of the components (it may be too limited, for instance), then that is just tough. In contrast, UNIX provides many components of a CASE system - compilers, editors, dependency maintenance tools (such as make), history tools (such as RCS). You may substitute the tool of your choice if you don't like the ones supplied with the system. Aegis adds software configuration management to this list, and true to UNIX philosophy, Aegis does not dictate the choice of any of the other tools (although it may stretch them to their limits). Aegis runs on almost any flavor of UNIX. Self configuring using a GNU Autoconf generated configure script. Author: Peter Miller Primary-Site: //aegis.sourceforge.net Copying-Policy: GNU GPL