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Four Fast Ergonimic Tips

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1. Make sure that you have enough Lumbar Support when sitting in your chair. Sit against the seat back and adjust the seat for maximum comfort.

2. Reading Woes: If you love reading, you might get a sore neck if you read things on your desk. Try out a book rest or other item that will prop the book up for you.

3. Use the 20/20/20 rule so that you don’t strain your eyes. When you are at the computer, take a break every 20 minutes and look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

4. Desk organization. Organize your desk so that frequently used items are close by. You won’t have to reach and strain yourself in the process.

A Visual of Classroom Ergonomics

Learn concrete tips for better classroom ergonomics with Dr. Diane Bartholomew and daughter Kami.

Classroom & Workforce Safety Tips

This is a fascinating and helpful video that discusses workplace injuries and how to prevent them. Certainly, from the classroom furniture that students use to the office desks that adults utilize, there are safety concerns at every stage. And at every stage there are key ways to take care of your body and to ensure safety while you’re doing your classroom or your job. Learn with these tips about keeping yourself and your children safe in the classroom and as part of the workforce.

Ergonomics & Wellness

Check out this great article on the connections between safety and wellness. We’ve recently launched an all new…

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Ergonomics at a Glance

Here is a great video on healthy ergonomics for laptop, computer and computer chair use.

Stand and Deliver

standingdeskMost school systems don’t consider this, but the traditional school desks aren’t the only option for the classroom. More and more schools are looking into other alternatives which include standing desks, exercise balls for sitting and other choices.

The standing desk is quite an interesting option, as it allows children more movement and ability to get out their energy in the course of the day. These desks allow children to work at a work platform, but one that is their height. So, rather than sitting all day, they are standing behind the desk. Most people can’t use this all day, so it might be important to have a sitting option for the children as well. But by giving them both choices, they can really make themselves more comfortable and productive in the course of the day.

Exercise balls are also an interesting way to sit at a desk. They help to cushion the back and to allow for movement and the release of energy in the course of the day. Of course, they can be distracting and the child might find himself playing more than concentrating, but this is something that needs to be worked on and discussed.