Laptop Ergonomics

Use Your Laptop Ergonomically

Many people don’t realize that their laptops could be hurting their backs. Laptops often cause us to lean over in order to get our work done and this can negatively impact your back. Here are some tips for sitting at school desks and saving your back at the same time.

If you use the laptop on the couch instead of with classroom furniture, make sure that you take frequent breaks and try to have your back straight and supported on a cushion. To relieve the muscle tension in your neck you should use a chair that allows your back to be straight. Relax your neck and keep it aligned with your back and try to have the top of the screen at eye level. To keep the muscles in your arms from feeling tension, use a separate keyboard and mouse when working and keep your arms and forearms at a 90 degree angle.

If kids are using the laptop try to have them keep their backs straight and supported by a cushion and try to make sure the screen is at eye level. Use a separate keyboard and mouse and create a footrest for the child depending on how small they are.