Getting the Right Office Chair

Pick Your Office Chair Wisely

Both children who sit for the entire day and adults who sit on office chairs all day long need to think about the type of chair that they use. In the office, there are many recommendations for office chairs. The seat height should be adjusted to a range of 420-500mm. The seat edge should be rounded so that it minimizes the pressure under the thighs.

The seat pan should actually tilt forward and backwards by about 5 degrees and the seat base should swivel and have five or more castors for stability.

The backrest should be adjustable and about 500mm in height. If the seat and backrest don’t adjust by themselves, the angle between them should be about 105 degrees. While most people wouldn’t think about the upholstery, the upholstery material should be something that doesn’t slide or sweat.

Footrests are actually very important for shorter people. The footrest should be a minimum of 450mm in length by 350mm in width. Certainly, most classroom furniture doesn’t include office chairs, but these specs are important for the teacher’s desk or for kids who work in chairs of this sort at home.