Can a Classroom Paint Job Impact Your School’s Test Scores?

Colorful Classroom

What do celebrities, politicians and lawyers have in common?

They all spend a great deal of time and money considering what they wear and how they present themselves.

Hotels, restaurants, banks and other businesses also put considerable thought into their color choices and décor. Research has shown that colors actually impact performance, which is why image consulting has become much more than a cottage industry in both Hollywood and Washington DC. Color is important – and it especially essential in our classrooms, just like classroom furniture.

Similar to other stimulants such as scent or sound, colors communicate with the brain directly.  The mind and body react to them on an instinctive, subconscious level. Therefore, color choices can transform the school and influence learning in numerous ways. The majority of classrooms and cafeterias in America have drab white walls and colorless tile floors. Why do we insist on preserving such an outdated model? Imagine more colorful cafeterias and cafeteria tables? It would be awesome.

Numerous studies have researched the impact of different colors on our brains. The results can contribute greatly to a wide range of learning environments including classrooms, laboratories and other facilities.